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A state-of-the-art ICT smart building with an urban data center is about to open in Asahibashi.

The building has 13 floors above ground with a total floor area of 8,009 m2 and is constructed of reinforced concrete using a base isolation structure. It is designed to serve as a base for tenant offices and backup sites in Kyushu, the Tokyo metropolitan area, and neighboring Asian countries, with strict security, a 24-hour/365-day manned surveillance system, and highly reliable facilities.



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Nakashimashoen (“Banana Garden at Nakashima”) from the Ryukyu Hakkei (“Eight Views of Ryukyu”), Urasoe Art Museum collection

Asahibashi Bridge, a favorite of Hokusai

Katsushika Hokusai painted the ukiyo-e, Ryukyu Hakkei (“Eight Views of Ryukyu”), with the beautiful and flourishing land of Asahibashi in mind.

In 1831, at the height of his career, Katsushika Hokusai completed the world-famous Fugaku Sanjurokkei (“Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji”). The following year, he painted the Ryukyu Hakkei (“Eight Views of Ryukyu”).
Asahibashi, which is depicted in one of them, is known as a scenic spot representing the beautiful Ryukyu Kingdom and has also prospered as a strategic point for trade between China, Southeast Asia and Japan.
The land of Asahibashi has long been celebrated for its beauty and lushness, and has been handed down to the present as a place for exchanges of people and information where hearts and minds connect.

And in that location of Asahibashi is where the Okinawa Cellular Forest Building will make its appearance.


Access to all of Okinawa, from business areas to resort areas

The Okinawa Prefectural Government, Naha City Hall, and other governmental facilities, as well as various companies, are concentrated here. It is also ideal for access to Naha Airport and commercial facilities.

The Okinawa Cellular Forest Building towers over Okinawa’s main highway, Route 58.
Asahibashi Station on the Okinawa Urban Monorail (Yui Rail) is directly connected to Naha Bus Terminal, providing a commuter-friendly environment that facilitates public transportation, including the monorail and buses.

  • 10 minutes
    from Naha Airport by car
  • 2-minute
    walk from Yui Rail Asahibashi Station
  • 12-minute
    walk to the Okinawa Prefectural Government Office

Walking distance to major facilities

2-minute walk from Asahibashi Station (Yui Rail)

Extends from Naha to Urasoe

3-minute walk from Naha Bus Terminal

A transport hub for Okinawa, with connections to Nago in the north, and Itoman in the south

5-minute walk from Okinawa Prefectural Library

3rd-6th Floors, Kafuna Asahibashi Okinawa’s knowledge hub with 2.16 million volumes

10-minute walk from Naha City Hall

Smooth access to administrative procedures, including applications

12-minute walk to Okinawa Prefectural Government Office

The main entity in charge of the Okinawan government

15-minute walk from Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha

The entire area is a park for enjoying sports


Providing the latest in intelligent office space

A smart building with a seismically isolated foundation and an urban data center in the heart of Naha, the prefectural capital

Okinawa Cellular Forest Building is built with a seismically isolated foundation. A seismic isolation apparatus absorbs the vibration of earthquakes, impeding shaking to the building.
Since the building shakes less, there is less damage to the building frame. The structure is also effective in preventing fixtures and office equipment from falling over, offering continuous protection of the people working in the building as well as the property of companies housed in the building.


Environmental architecture that takes advantage of Okinawa’s climate

The exterior of the building was designed to resemble a forest (mui) growing in the city center, with an arrangement of Y-shape columns that provide a spacious entrance and shady spaces with pilotis plants. Ground water is pumped in to add the relaxing and comforting sound of flowing water.

Offices provide superior convenience with a sense of openness and freedom

The office space is comfortable and pillar-less, with three-sided lighting for a sense of openness and a highly flexible out-frame construction method.
It features a system ceiling that can meet diverse tenant needs, with a light shelf installed to provide light to the ceiling while blocking the strong direct Okinawan sunlight, eliminating the need for blinds and conserving energy.

  • Providing optimal and most preferential communication services

    The latest infrastructure is installed for shared facilities in the building.

  • Shaped and pillar-free

    • ・Out-frame construction method
    • ・Pillar-free shaped office space
  • 3-sided lighting

    • ・Open and bright office space
    • ・Double-skinned to cope with the environment of Okinawa
  • Settable temperature and air flow volume

    Temperature and air flow volume can be controlled in quadrants

Office Image
Outline of Facilities
Floors 5th floor to 12th floor
Rentable area & number of divisions Approx. 403 m2 per floor, can be split into 4 sections
Basic module 3.6m x 3.6m module 600 square grid system ceiling
Ceiling height 2,600mm
OA floor Free access floor 100mm
Floor load capacity General section: 500kg/m2 (800kg/m2 possible, conditions attached)
Power outlet capacity 60VA/m2 (separate generator power supply of 10VA/m2 is available)
Lighting equipment LED lighting fixtures (with constant illumination intensity control), maximum average illumination: 750lx
Air conditioning equipment Individual air conditioning system (outdoor units are located on each floor)
Fire extinguishing system Indoor fire hydrant system, sprinkler system (8th floor and above)
Security system Flapper gate installed at 1st floor entrance, IC cards for every tenant

The strengths of a building complex with a data center in the heart of the city

A high performance data center set up on low-rise floors.
Offices and an urban data center are located in a disaster risk-free facility, ensuring a reliable BCP response.

Six key strengths of this urban data center

  • Excellent location

    Only a 2-minute walk from Asahibashi Station on Yui Rail. Easy access to the prefectural government, the central business district, the airport, and Naha Bus Terminal. Enables quick response by maintenance staff.

  • A highly reliable facility

    The facility is equipped with two high-voltage power supply systems (main line and backup line) from two different substations, an N+1 power supply system, and an N+1 air conditioning system to support stability of operations.

  • A high-grade, large capacity network

    The only disaster-resistant network in Okinawa that uses the east-west submarine cable route to the mainland. Provides a high-quality, high-capacity network with good connectivity using carrier-free lines.

  • Strict security

    Strict security, including surveillance cameras, biometric authentication devices, and anti-piggybacking devices, with 24/7 manned surveillance.

  • Highest level of damage resistance

    The building has a seismically isolated foundation to prevent damage even in a seismic intensity 6+ earthquake. Full countermeasures against flooding and a nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system are in place.

  • Coexistence with office floors

    The data center can be connected to the offices on the 5th through 12th floors. Important servers and network equipment can be installed in the data center, which is fully equipped with highly reliable facilities and strict security.

Data center image
Facility Overview
Floor load capacity 1,500kg/m2 2,000kg/m2 with conditions
Power receiving system Main line and backup line high-voltage power is received from two different substations
Emergency generator N+1 configuration gas turbine system, capable of 72-hour continuous operation without refueling
Uninterruptible power supply N+1 configuration, battery life: 10-min.
Fire detection and extinguishing system Ultra-sensitive smoke detection system, nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system, indoor fire hydrants (throughout the entire building)
Air conditioning system Central heat source system (N+1)
Rack capacity Approx. 100 racks
Rack power capacity Average 5kVA
Security Surveillance cameras, biometric authentication devices, anti-piggybacking devices, etc.
Operation system Manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Communication lines Multiple carriers available, multiple routes

Fully prepared for disaster risks

Building Structure Plan

The building is constructed of reinforced concrete with a seismically isolated foundation.
The seismically isolated foundation will provide high-grade seismic performance that reduces building shake and ensures no damage to the structure even in the event of a major earthquake. In addition, the reinforced concrete structure will ensure high rigidity and less swaying even during wind storms.

Two power receiving systems

Uses a two-system power receiving system, with main line and backup line high-voltage power coming from different substations.

Emergency generator

When the power supply is interrupted, a gas turbine emergency generator can supply power for 72 hours.

Flooding response

Anti-flooding measures, anticipating a storm surge of 2.4m.

Stockpile warehouse

For storing supplies and equipment in anticipation of unforeseen circumstances.

High standard of environmental performance that also utilizes natural energy

Cooling effect using cool voids

The common areas of the building are cooled by storing and releasing cool well water sprayed into the cool voids in the center of the building.

Use of well water (groundwater)

In addition to cool water for the cool voids, maximum use will be made of well water as a source of water in emergencies.

Use of “Amahaji” solar power generation function

The "Amahaji" (veranda-like space) solar power generation function can be used as a power source to charge mobile devices in times of disaster.

Double skin façade and autonomous light shelves

Autonomous adjustment of the building environment by blocking direct light, adjusting external light, and insulating.

Operation of the Small Office Energy Management System

We support tenants’ energy-saving activities by making it possible to display of energy-saving effects on mobile terminals at any time.


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